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The National Office for Heroes Memory(NOHM) - established through the Law 379/2003 on the regime of war graves and memorials, and The Government Ordinance no. 635/2204 - is a specialized organisation belonging to the central public administration, with juridical personality, reporting to the Romanian Gouvernment.

The Office is the rightful continuator of Queen Marie National Seed for the Heroes Memory and its establishment represents an important step of the alignment of the Romanian legislation to the European one, from this point of view.

The Office has functions of regulating, counselling, support and control, representation, civic education and administration of its own patrimony. Also, NOHM is tasked to research, discover and identify war graves and memorials, both Romanian and foreign, on the territory of Romania and also the Romanian ones abroad. It co-operates with non-governmental organizations and with the religious cults recognized by law, and, by request, delivers information on war burial places.

Together with other institutions, NOHM draws the program of manifestation with the occasion of the Heroes Commemorative Day, which is, according to the law, a national holiday.
In order to conclude international agreements concerning the regime of war graves and memorials, The National Office for the Heroes Memory co-operates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and takes the required measures for founding and protecting those abroad, being tasked to represent the Romanian Government in foreign activities, within the alloted budget and according to the international treaties which Romania agreed to.

The Office supervises the change and movement of war graves and memorials, as well as the building of the latter and gives approval for the founding of cemeteries and honour lots with Romanian tombs.

The Office is ruled by a director, appointed by the Minister of National Defence.

In the exercise of its attributions, the director gives orders. Also, he hires the personnel of the Office, observing the legal provisions, up to the limit of the maximum manning established by G.O. no. 635/2004.

August 15
- The Romanian entrance in the WW I , The Reunifying War (1916)
- The Antiaireian and Artilery Day
- Romanian Naval Forces Day



August 01
- The Tankist Day
- The American Raid, with 178 bombers of the petrolium zone in Ploiesti * 1943(, losts: 120 deaths and 335 romanian hurts
- Was founded The National Basement Mary Queen „ for the Heroes Cult

August 04
- The Romanian troops are entering in Budapest, hurrying the end of the Bolsevic revolution in Hungary (1919 )

August 05
- in the last day of the battles on the Muncelu tableland (1917), is dieing Ecaterina Teodororiu, the Jiu heroine
- is beginning the Battle of the Romanian cavalryin Kuban region ( 1942) where had been conquested the ports Tiesk and Krasnoarmeiskaia ( 9 august), Primorssko- Ahtarskaia and Slavianska ( 11 august), Temriuk ( 24 August) and Anapa ( 31 august).

August 06
- Is finishing the Marasesti Battler ( 1917) in which the Romanian Army had lost 27.410 militaries

August 07
- After the Paris’ Conference in the matter of the Danubian Romanian Principates organization is establishing that in the future the two countries will be named The Moldavian and Romanian Country Principates (1858)

August 08
- Was founded The Superior War School ( the actual Defence University) the first institution of superior teaching in The Romanian Armay history.

August 10
- The Romanian Army had received the fire baptize in front of the Plevna region (1877)

August 15
- The Romanian entrance in the WW I , The Reunifying War (1916)
- The antiaireian and artilery day
- Romanian Naval Forces Day

August 16
- The martyrs Brancoveni Constatin Voda with his four sons Saints: Constantin, Stefan, Radu, Matei and the Ianache advicer (1714)
- the Romanian troops are liberating Brasov (1916)

August 17
- The Romanian troops are liberating Petrosani (1916)
- The North Romanian Army are liberating Targu Secuiesc (1916)

August 19
- Takes place the Turtucaia battle won by the Turkish-german-bulgarian; the Romanians troops are loosing 6.000 deaths and 25.000 prizoners (August 19-26, 1916)
- Is beginning the Russian offensive in Romania north east ( 1944) between 19 and 24 august, the Romanians troops are registering 8.305 deaths, 24.989 hurts and 153.883 missings fron the total of 431.800 servicemen engaged on the battle field by the 3 and 4 army.

August 21
- The Military Medicine Day

August 23
- The Romanians troops by the Cerna group commanded by the Ion Dragalina general, is liberating Orsiva ( 1916).
- Romania is unilateraly stopping the militaries operations against Union Nations (1944). The registered loosings on the east battle field between 22 june 1941 and 23 august 1944 had been near 624.740 militaries, which 71.585 deaths, 243.622 hurts, 309.533 missings.

August 25
- The Romanian troops are liberating the Ditrau and Gherogheni regions (1916)

August 26
- The Miercurea Ciuc region is liberated by the North Army troops.

August 27
- Has place the Selimbar battle, near Sibiu, won by the Romanian first army ( 1916)
- Is dieying the marschall Constantin Prezan( 1943)

August 30
- The Romanian/Russian troops are participating at the the third Plevna battle under the Carol the First the romanian commander; the romanians are conquesting the Grivita nr.1

August 31
- Romania had ratified the Laussanne Conference in matter of the Bosfor and Dardanele narrows regime and the peace treat with Turkey (1924)

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